"The term Delinquent taxes made me feel like a criminal, but when they froze my bank accounts, I felt like I was in a prison"

TaxWise client recounts his experience with The Canada Revenue Agency after several years of not filing, before he was introduced to TaxWise. 

What holds people back from doing their taxes?

Over the years, we have helped hundreds of Canadians who have approached us after they have been summoned by The Canada Revenue Agency because they hadn't filed their taxes in several years. After we got them “all caught up”, they would often share with us the road that led them to phoning us.  Time and again, when they would talk about the years they didn’t file, many offered these reasons why:

  • I figured I was going to owe money, and it was going to take money for me to find out how much money I owed;
  • I thought I nether owed money or had money coming to me, so I didn’t think it was a big deal that I hadn’t filed in a few years;
  • I can afford to have one year income tax prepared, but not several all at once.  When I would get ahead enough, I could always think of a dozen things I wanted to pay for before paying someone to prepare my backlogged income tax returns.;
  • I can’t find any of my receipts or T-slips from those years;
  • Fear, I was afraid of how much I owed and it was at a time when I just wasn’t ready to face it.    

TaxWise’s approach is to work not only with their clients, but also to work with their situation.  At TaxWise, our Experts:

  • After initial consultation with client, TaxWise first reviews correspondence from The Canada Revenue Agency, then inform client of next steps;
  • Review outstanding tax years and seek unclaimed refund opportunities; 
  • Listen to clients, assess how complex or simple the situation is;
  • Develop a TaxWise Recovery Strategy, which includes a schedule;
  • Stagger billing to reflect strategy schedule;
  • Start every recovery process one year at a time.  

Why you need to do this now.

The toll that the stress brings to a person's body and mind is often only known when that stress has been relieved.  Stop worrying when you hear the phone ring, stop wondering "When is The Canada Revenue Agency going to intervene, and when they do, what's going to happen to me?"

It's time to take control of this situation and start living your best life.  

Thinking about Applying for a mortgage or loan?

Apply for that mortgage, loan or line of credit knowing that your income tax years preperations are up to date and in order.  It's not about taking on more debt, it's about being prepared to apply for acces to funds should you need it.  Having options is always better.

Start recieving your GST payment again

Start recieving that GST cheque/deposit that all of your friends have been getting, but you haven't.  That is: you, and everyone else who hasn't brought their income taxes up to date. 

If you want to live your best life, many resources are out there for you, you only need to reach out and get them. 

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