When a person has not filed for more than two tax years, the process begins with a conversation.  

A free consultation is the very first step towards discovering your refund potential.

So often, many are hesitant to do their taxes year after year because they think they have this looming debt.  The reality is though, they don't know the full story, and until we speak with them, either do we.

You don't need all of your documents or your receipts to begin the process. 

After the initial consultation, TaxWise's approach is to develop a schedule based upon your unique situation.  From there, we work with you to establish what documents if any, are needed to move forward. 

Replacing that out-of-control feeling by putting you back in the driver's seat of your taxes. 

Previous to working with us, many of our clients described the stress of having delinquent taxes as overwhelming, anxiety provoking, and even feelings of panic.  Worrying about not only delinquent tax years, but also how to pay for those income tax returns to be prepared can take it's toll.  At TaxWise, we make it simple. We work with the client's unique situation, usually prepare their returns in a pace that works best for them.

So often we hear from our clients that they began to feel relief the moment they started this process with us.  One of our clients shared with us that they felt as though they had begun gaining control of what was beginning to feel like an out-of-control situation.

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