What's worse than seeing someone losing? 
Watching them celebrate, because they think they're winning.

Whether going to that tax prep company that has a booth in the middle of the mall, or buying a "become-an-expert" tax preparation do-it-yourself software from one of those big box stores: often there are two amounts of money that you pay for either of those options:

- The amount of money that you pay at the moment of transaction and;

- the amount of money that you lost.

What is the real cost?

For those who go that route, many of them never actually find out how much they’ve actually lost, whether it's hundreds, thousands, or perhaps even tens of thousands of dollars.  


How can the CRA know about your unique situation if your income tax return was prepared with a cookie cutter approach?

Everyone wants to blame the CRA or the "TaxMan", but in reality, how can they give you the refund that you are entitled to if your story has not been brought to them - in the only format which they recognize?

Despite popular belief, with taxes, one size does not fit all. There is a reason TaxWise clients return year after year. They prefer working with the same people year in and year out. They prefer being known for their story, not just their file number. They don't like being the next person in line, outside of a portable wall, in the middle of a mall, where they have to share their confidential documents and information, with all of these people walking by.


So often, a professional relationship with a supplier begins with an introduction and ends with an invoice.  

At TaxWise, most of our clients have been with us for many years, some for many generations.  The MacLean family and several members of the TaxWise group are often familiar names in the households of many of our clients.  If you have questions or inquires, we are available by email or phone before, during and after your tax preperation. 

Full time, part time, Self Employed, Pensioned or on a fixed income...

Every income tax preparation requires expert analysis to make sure there is not any unnecessary over payment and that you receive every refund which you are entitled to.

Stop over-paying and start living your best life now.