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I felt like we weren't getting what was owed to us, we always pay so much in taxes but keep so little in our pockets for the everyday things we need for our families. Chris at TaxWise asked us a lot about our health issues, connected us to the proper channels and filled out paperwork for our Doctor. He completed our tax return and followed up with the CRA to make sure we got our refund.

Follow the instruction here to fill in your information and  Return the Documents

You can fill in the required fields and sign the documents using Adobe Reader which is a free download from adobe. Using the right sidebar, you can fill in and sign all highlighted areas.

Step One: Download the Info Kit

When you click the "Download the Info Kit" button a new window will open up with the blank info kit appearing. Click the download arrow in the top right of the screen. This will download the application form to your desktop.

Step Two: Fill in and sign highlighted fields

Once the document downloads to your computer, open file explorer and go to your downloads folder. Find the file named "Info-Kit-Blank2". right click it and select open with.. and choose..Adobe Acrobat Reader. this will open the file in the reader window. on the right side menu choose the "Fill & Sign" tab. Click the cursor on the line you wish to fill in and start typing. go to each highlighted item and fill in your information. For signatures, you have 2 choices. use your mouse/finger (for touch screens) to sign or type your signature and the program will create a signature for you.

Step Three: Save the document and email it back to taxwise

Don't forget to save the document. Once it is complete and you have saved your work, you can email the document back to us at:

Follow this video if you are having problems


About Chris MacLean

Chris is one of our Senior Tax Specialists with 12 years of tax and disability experience.

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