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We're Here to Relieve Your Tax Stress 

For 23 years, TaxWise has helped Canadians do their taxes and claim disability and medical benefits.

Whether you live with a disability or care for someone who does, we can take the stress of taxes off your shoulders. We have the expertise, patience and compassion to understand your unique needs—and to get you the tax refund you deserve.

What Sets TaxWise A Part

First and foremost, TaxWise is a family business.

Christine MacLean and Steve Van Ryswyk have been helping Canadians with taxes for 23 years. Their son Chris MacLean now plays a leading role in the company.

There's no call-centre mentality: When you call us, you speak to one of us. 

This is really important. A big part of maximizing your return is to fully understand your financial and life circumstances. By speaking directly with us, we're able to get a full picture of your unique situation.

In this way, we can find you the benefits, credits and deductions that others can't.

Chris MacLean

TaxWise Professional

Here's What Our Clients Say

Mike MacFarlane TaxWise Client

Persistence Paid Off

We'd heard from others that it was impossible to get approved for the disability tax credit. Our first attempt was denied, but TaxWise reached out to the appropriate parties to submit further material to counter the denial. In the end, TaxWise was the sole reason we were approved for the disability credit.

Corinne Cole-Ross TaxWise Client

TaxWise Went to Bat for Us

Before starting with Taxwise, I was exhausted and frustrated trying to deal with the labyrinth of specialists and systems to support my child. Taxwise went to bat for us, getting much-needed support for my son. I continue to work with Taxwise because I have seen such a dramatic change in my son's progress, both academically and socially.

Marlene Murphy TaxWise Client

Answered All My Questions

TaxWise answered all my questions, took care of everything and reassured me as we worked through the application process. A friend recommended TaxWise and had no complaints, only positive comments!

Less Hassle + Less Stress + More Money in Your Pocket

If you're like most Canadians, you probably find taxes confusing and stressful.

And if you're living with a disability or care for someone who does, you just don't have the time to apply for disability and medical tax credits.

There's no denying that taxes can be complicated, time-consuming and stressful.

Yet if you don't do them, you could have the government on your back—or be missing out on a tax refund.

TaxWise knows taxes—including the disability tax credit—inside and out. Our job is to give you honest advice while taking care of everything for you.

Meaning far less hassle and far less stress for you. We do your taxes for you and get you the refund you deserve.

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Our Story & Our Mission

Chris MacLean

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Christine MacLean

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Steve Van Ryswyk

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Where It All Began...

Christine MacLean

The TaxWise story begins with a little old lady who needed help.

More than two decades ago in the early 2000's, Christine MacLean met a senior-aged woman with disabilities who was facing a very large tax bill.  

Christine wanted to help. And being a trained accountant, she knew there had to be a way.

She promised to do whatever she could to clear the woman's tax debt.

Since the woman was living with a disability, Christine looked into the disability tax credit (which allows recipients with disabilities to reduce their taxes) . 

Like most accountants, Christine wasn't very familiar with the disability tax credit. So she started to thoroughly research the credit to discover everything she could. She learned every detail, becoming an expert on the subject. 

With her newfound knowledge, she was not only able to reverse the woman's tax debt, she put money back in her pocket with a refund!

The Next Step

Christine and Steve realized that if they could help one person, they could help more.

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